Hebrews 12:1

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us

The Vision!

…………to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ around our country within local and national running races; to encourage Christians to share their beliefs. Order your specially designed technical running t-shirt or vest today and wear with pride.  
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Christian Runners

A running club for any Christians who love running………..

About us

The concept of a UK Christian runners arose in early 2014 with the idea of encouraging people to share their Christian faith through running or exercise

Our Vision

To share faith in Jesus Christ with exercise and competition

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Christian Runners Profiles

Matt Lane - Christian Runners Profile - February 2015
Where do you live, family, work?
I live in Andover, Hampshire, where I settled with my family after serving 24 years in the Army. This year will make a big milestone for my wife, as she would have put up being married to me for 25 years, she deserves a medal. We have two (Adult) kids… Rosie who is 22 and Solly who is 19. I currently work for Network Rail as a Health and Safety Advisor. Kathy is studying applied theology at Moorlands College, Rosie works as a Staff Nurse in A&E and Solly is still in College.
matt-laneWhy do you run? How many years? What distances? Best times?
I run because when I was 29 (1997) I had a football injury that stopped me playing, and stopped me doing much else too so got rather rotund…. A mate said it didn’t suit me so entered me in to a 10m race in Germany (1998)…. I was hooked, my current PBs are:-
5000m (Track) – 17:46
5k – 17:59
5m – 29:32
10k – 37:32
10m – 62:46
½ Mara – 83:56
Mara – 3:12:55
I also run XC most seasons
What’s your favourite race/run?
Favourite race has to be the Salisbury 10m road race, it just ticks all the right boxes. Church life?
I have been a Christian since I was 16 and just before I joined the Army in 1984. I have no denomination other than Jesus is my Lord and Saviour and I choose to follow him (though he quite often has to pick me up and carry me when I wonder). We have been to many Churches during our time in the Army and are currently settled in Andover Baptist Church (ABC) – Love God, Love People, Love Life.
Why have you chosen Christian Runners UK?
Christian Runners UK, is another way of just getting the message out there with the recognition of the club in parkrun and for Kathy in races (I run for WADAC – Winchester and District AC in league and XC races). I also have the nick name of RFJ (Run For Jesus). Ultimately it is to Know Christ and to make him Known, made all the easier with a T-shirt on your back, easy discussion starter. Anything else interesting about you?
Normally up for a challenge, also like the odd bit bit of controversial pain in the fact I have 15 tattoos, most of which celebrate my faith which again aids me in starting discussions about Jesus. “God is good – all the time, all the time God is good” quote from the film God’s not DEAD.
Tim - Christian Runners Profile - May 2015
Where do you live, family, work? My family and I live in South London – Borough of Sutton. Though I work ‘across the border’ in Croydon with people with Learning Disabilities. Sue, Marie, and Matthew (my wife and children) are all parkrunners as well – though some more enthusiastic than others. Between us we have about 300 parkruns now. TimWhy do you run? How many years? I started running primarily for weight loss, I’m about 15 stone now, but used to be over 20. However I also enjoy the opportunity to have time to think, reflect, and engage on a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. I did my first ever race in 2007 – The Great North – and have completed 286 timed runs at time of writing in total. Sue did once suggest to me at the end of a marathon that I’d only run it to get 4 and half hours to myself, I’m fairly sure she was joking though. What’s your favourite race/run? What distances? Best times? Now that’s a very difficult question, so I’m going to ‘reframe it’ as we say in Social Work to cover a few different distances. 5k Roundshaw Downs parkrun – I have nearly 100 runs there, and a course best of about 23 and half (though my overall 5k pb is closer to 22 and a half). 10k South London Harrier’s ‘Informal series’ muddy, hilly, tough, the ploughed field is always interesting, I’ve never broken 50 there in 8 attempts – though elsewhere I’ve managed 45 and change on tarmac. Both of these runs, especially Roundshaw, have a sense of home for me that you get from a route you have got to know. I like half marathon’s a lot – The Great North is special to me as my first race – and I’ve got a ballot place this year, again though it’s not my fastest which was 1.45 on a flatter less crowded route! Marathon well my fastest is 4.22 (unless I can go faster this year) but my favourite has to be the Picnic – 6000 feet of ascent and descent, 550 steps in total, and a river crossing on stepping stones (twice) – they were 6 inches underwater when I did it after a torrential down pour just before the run, it was the only time in the whole race my feet were not caked in mud! I was third to last finisher, but then 30% of the field decided better than to come on the day, and a further 15% of those who started DNF’d. You pray a lot on a race like that, and Faith is vital. If I had to choose just one race, this would be it. Any run I get to do with one of my family is pretty special as well – we have some Mile races and parkuns booked in. Church life? Chiltern is a small friendly independent Church – very active in its local community, which is what first drew us to it. My wife Sue is on the Leadership team, and also the Children’s worker, as well as co-lead for our Messy Church – I dabble around in various areas like the welcome team, Sunday school and the like, as well as heading up the Runners ministry. Why have you chosen Chiltern Church Runners? I set up Chiltern Church Runners with the support of a number of friends a few years ago – two of them were not even Church goers, and several did not describe themselves a runners. I’d had, if not a vision, certainly inspiration, looking at all the running club vests at a local 10k and thought: we could do that, we could be that visible. From 9 runners we have grown to over 160 who have run for us at least once, we have over 4000 parkruns as a club. We are not at parkrun to try and drag people to Church – we are at parkun being Church, and maybe by doing that offering a very gentle invitation, as well as showing the people who make up our Church. It seems to me parkun offers a good opportunity for Church communities to join with local and running communities – in a mutually beneficial way. Certainly many of our regular runners are non Christians, we even have a couple of declared Atheists who run for us. It’s also allowed several Churches in our area to form new links – it has brought people together in a way that has surprised and delighted me. Anything else interesting about you? I enjoy a challenge including when it comes to races, so trying to do more than one on a day (many New Year parkruns/Richmond parkun and 10k/Hackney half and city of London Mile (epic transfer for that one)/ and 2 parkruns followed by a 10k in Gdynia/Gdansk so far. My wife also says it’s part of the reason we ended up married – I didn’t give up! Don’t get me wrong I’m not that fast or fit – just that stubborn! I’m also involved with www.churchrunner.co.uk which like Christian Runners UK seeks to serve more broadly to all Christians who run (or indeed are going to start, but haven’t yet seen that particular light). I’m a bit of geek, and love stats so I did have a list of all 286 of my runners to draw from! I haven’t been on the television, but the club and I get a mention in the excellent – ‘parkrun, so much more than a run in the park’ book – if you want to read it, get it from Wiggle not Amazon, parkrun see more of the profits.

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

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